By Nathan Rudyk

Receivables Insurance Association of Canada Web siteIt's always gratifying to give life to a new brand, and even more gratifying when a year later our client testifies to our results.

Ian Miller, the handsome (that's him to the right featured in the association's home page video) Founding Chair of the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada and Chief Agent and Country Coordinator, Canada, at Atradius Credit Insurance N.V., had this to say after his association's recent Annual General Meeting:

"Our association has enjoyed much progress since its first annual general meeting in June 2013. Highlights from our 2014 AGM include:

Rebranding – We rebranded from the Credit Insurance Association of Canada to Receivables Insurance Association of Canada. The change – which included a new logo – was made for two reasons:

1) There were several naming conflicts with the original name that would result in market confusion – credit insurance can be confused with creditors life insurance or coverage against loss on credit cards.

2) With the new brand, there is no doubt about our intention: to insure receivables. Association members are available as resources for brokers, bankers and businesses looking to find out more about insuring the largest uninsured business asset in Canada – receivables.

Hiring a marketing and public relations agencymarket2world communications inc. has proven its excellence. market2world supported and increased the association’s momentum moving from the boardroom to a known presence in Canadian business and insurance communities – and on the international stage as well. With market2world’s guidance and expertise, the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada has realized:

  • A new logo and Web site from which the association’s message and new brand is promoted across Canada and globally. The site defines the benefits for receivables insurance, provides a blog regularly updated by our members, links to social media and also to our stream of news in insurance trade and business media. A French site is also online with help from Export Development Canada (EDC), making ours a truly national association

  • 47 media stories (click here for the full list) published about the association – of which 27 were Canadian stories and 20 were international. Being “in the news” contributes to important, third-party awareness of the association’s mission

  • Five success stories on the practical use of receivables insurance that are available for all to reference. Click here for these success stories

  • An active Twitter channel: @RcvblsInsCanada and LinkedIn presence

  • A monthly e-newsletter – Receivables Insurance Canada News has published four issues

Professional education opportunities – there have been a number, including:

  • A Credit Institute of Canada presentation, in June 2013, at which President Mark Attley announced the public launch of the association and presented the business case for receivables insurance. Media coverage of the launch was picked up in 12 publications and was well received by conference attendees 

  • An introductory webinar on receivables insurance and receivables risk, led by Mark, for the Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia  (IBABC) in April 2014 was well received – click here for a blog post on the Webinar, and how your organization might take advantage of a similar online learning event"

  • (... please click here for Ian's full blog post)

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and marketing agency for global innovators.)