By Nathan Rudyk

It's launch week for DriveLogik, a new product from RiskLogik – an accomplished enterprise resilience software company that includes transportation companies as its customers. DriveLogik is a driver-focused fix that can deliver significant fuel savings of up to 10%, in addition to reduced truck maintenance costs and other benefits. Fleet managers can estimate their fuel savings with an online calculator at (shown below).

It's the right time for DriveLogik. The U.S. federal government is pressuring the North American trucking industry with stricter fuel efficiency standards for new trucks, but today's trucks can make a dramatic productivity leap right now that has cash-in-pocket results that cascade to smarter/more motivated drivers, and increased vehicle longevity.

Truck fleet owners can calculate DriveLogik savings with an online calculatorEquipped with DriveLogik, a long haul truck driving 180,000 kms/112,000 miles per year can save an average estimated $5,500 in fuel costs. Expand that efficiency across a fleet of 50 trucks, and the savings are $275,000 per year.

Data analysis and reporting encourages drivers and fleet managers to work together on perfecting driving styles that also translate into less wear and increased vehicle longevity. A local haul truck driving 65,000 kms/40,000 miles per year can save an average of $3,700 in fuel costs, plus additional maintenance savings.

Employing state-of-the-art driver feedback, DriveLogik is easy to use and requires no maintenance. Its fleet management, tracking and reporting is powered by TrackLogik software by RiskLogik

DriveLogik begins with the Driver Awareness Panel (DAP), an intelligent in-vehicle display providing drivers with the coaching they need to drive more efficiently. It gives each driver visual and audible notifications on critical performance indicators without being intrusive.

More than 250,000 trucks in leading European fleets are using the DAP to save money on fuel and maintenance. Now North American operators can take advantage of similar savings.

market2world created the logo/tagline for DriveLogik, the fuel-savings-driven landing page for the new product and we are now hard at work securing media coverage. Our week one results include articles in eight fleet management, heavy-duty truck, and telematics technology publications in North America, India and Taiwan, with another five articles and radio interviews to come.

DriveLogik featured in Truck News

The DriveLogik team is DRIVEN to succeed, and our team is proud to contribute to their success. Here's what their CEO, Nick Martyn recently said about our launch results for DriveLogik's sister company:

"The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about market2world is impact. The second is value for money. The third is responsiveness. The market2world team branded and launched RiskLogik in the fall of 2013, and we've never looked back.

Whereas we were routinely invisible during our first two years in business, since market2world took us on we routinely turn up in target media on a national and international basis.

They've also helped us hone our Web presence, sales collaterals, presentations and boothware to the point where we have been barred from start-up conferences for coming across like a global ICT company. And that's OK by us."

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and marketing agency for global innovators.)