By Paul Brent

fDi Magazine is a global leader in reporting on the business of globalization and is part of the respected Financial Times publishing family. fDi offers insight on the key issues surrounding Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). And this month we were gratified to see not one but two significant client features in this authoritative publication.

For 15 years the Intelligent Community Forum has studied and promoted the best practices of the world's Intelligent Communities as they adapt to the demands and seize the opportunities presented by Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In talking to the fDi editor she said she was working on a story about smart/intelligent communities and their reporter would be interested in an interview with the Intelligent Community co-founder Lou Zacharilla. The finished article is the cover story for the August 2013 issue of the magazine and Zacharilla’s comments will reach 15,000 mostly C-class business subscribers of the magazine plus gain more exposure on the Web.

A second market2world client, the Consider Canada City Alliance held a July 30th investment forum in Calgary involving one of the largest and most senior Chinese delegations ever to come to Canada. Canada reached a milestone in 2012 when it was ranked the number one destination in the world for Chinese outward-bound FDI.

Bruce Graham (right) signs Memorandum of Understanding with Yu Ping, Vice Chair, China Council for Promotion of International Trade - July 30, 2013 Calgary

At the Calgary investment forum the Consider Canada City Alliance signed an agreement that will see Chinese investment and trade funneled through the 11 member cities of the Alliance. We are pleased to report that fDi carried that story as well.

Getting two clients with one publication within days of each other was rather unique but just one part of ongoing PR success we’ve achieved with both of these clients. For the Intelligent Community Forum we have secured nearly 100 media stories ranging from New Zealand to New York in what some PR shops might justify as “the slow summer months” of June and July. For the Consider Canada City Alliance’s July 30th event, we have so far created 27 media stories in broadcast, print and blog media ranging from the Toronto Star to CBC TV to the China Daily news.

In the FDI realm market2world has also publicized Consider Canada City Alliance investment and trade missions to China, Ontario Clean Technology Alliance missions to the US and Germany, Ontario Technology Corridor missions to Brazil, Europe and North America and Ontario Food Cluster missions to Europe and North and South America.

On these missions we celebrate Canadian Foreign Direct Investment results including:

  • Why world-leading digital media companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Arkadium have set up shop here, attracted by a unique Canadian blend of smart people, smart tax incentives and other smart, entrepreneurial companies
  • A German pizza-making plant by Dr. Oetker that will create 120 full-time manufacturing jobs and contribute an estimated $26 million a year to the Ontario agri-food industry

FDI is a critical part of the global economic mix and Canada’s success story is one we eagerly and successfully promote on a global basis for our clients. The numbers don’t lie. In 2012 Canada saw a nine percent increase with inward-bound FDI and an eight percent increase in outward-bound investment compared to double-digit declines in major economies such as the U.S. and the European Union.

Go Canada!

Paul Brent is Senior Communications Strategist with market2world communications inc. the public relations and product marketing agency for global innovators.