By Nathan Rudyk

We launched a new regional brand for Invest Ottawa in Feb. of 2012, a new global brand for the the Consider Canada City Alliance Inc. last June, and today a new national brand for the Receivables Insurance Assocation of Canada that leverages several years of marketing results we've created with the International Credit Brokers Alliance – a worldwide organization with members in 30 countries.

What can a powerful, well launched, new or revitalized brand do for an organization? Check out these amazing results from Invest Ottawa one year later, as reported in the Ottawa Business Journal:

324: Number of companies met with in 2012 (up 92 per cent over 2011)

191: Jobs created by companies to which Invest Ottawa has provided services

6,786: Number of mentoring hours by entrepreneurs-in-residence and advisers

227: Number of knowledge-based companies with which Invest Ottawa is working from its innovation department

220: Number of customized market research reports delivered to Ottawa startups

$5.5 million: Cost of those reports if the startups had acquired them on their own

$39.5 million: Investment dollars attracted by Invest Ottawa innovation clients

225: Number of workshops and seminars delivered to more than 4,800 entrepreneurs in 2012

For more results you can read the blog of Consider Canada City Alliance President Michael Darch. He documents the success of his 10-city team of economic development executives as they embarked on 250 meetings during an ambitious three-city Chinese investment mission less than a year market2world created and launched their brand.

In short, a fresh, well articulated brand that speaks to the market brings instant interest and attention that a passionate, focused organizational team can turn into massive and ongoing momentum (because marketing can't do everything :).

So how's the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC) doing on day one? We're by no means done yet, but we can count a feature story in Canadian, Canada's Insurance and Risk Magazine, as part of our results. This publication is a key media link to our #1 broker audience that can benefit from selling far more receivables insurance to the 99% of Canadian companies currently not using it.

One of Export Development Canada's top executives now follows us on Twitter, two more senior executives from a global underwriter and Canadian broker have committed to blog about RIAC's mission to boost premiums from $200 million to $350 million in five years (while protecting what is often the largest uninsured asset on a company balance sheet), a reporter from Le Journal de l’assurance is planning an article to reach the Quebec market, and the association's YouTube channel is turning its Chairman Ian Miller into something of a viral video star. Social networking is starting to build on Facebook and LinkedIn, and you can tune into the association's News page for more PR results over coming days.

Or, if you've read enough and want some market2world brand momentum in your corner, contact us now.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and marketing agency for global innovators.)