By Nathan Rudyk

I'm still getting calls and emails from people saying "I can't believe I missed it!"/"I heard it was great" and the best comment: "We've got our mojo back!" three days after the kick-off party for the first annual and first-ever, 36-event Ottawa Entrepreneur Week.

All I can say is we printed 100 t-shirts, and 200 showed up at the Heart & Crown Preston St. on 4 o'clock on a Monday afternoon ready and willing to celebrate entrepreneurship across the City of Ottawa. I can also say we (the OCRI events and marketing crew supplemented by the market2world team) worked our butts off to create the social networking and media buzz on the event that drew them in. But honestly, honestly, it wasn't us.

The community was ready. The Ottawa business community truly wanted to "party like it's 1999", when we had great mojo, when Nortel was at the top of its game, when the air smelled like possibility to local entrepreneurs.

It's a different time, and a different, more diversified entrepreneurial community. But we're there again. We are. More than anything, it smells like let's-make-it-happen possibility. And if you don't believe me, check out the YouTube video above and then tell me why not.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and product marketing agency for global innovators.)