By Nathan Rudyk

Last week as the mercury fell into the nether regions we had the distinct pleasure of announcing Canada's first Certified Passive House on behalf of our client Homesol Building Solutions Inc. This week, still in the grips of a wicked January Canadian cold snap, we have launched Upper Canada Condos – a promising new green community in downtown Brockville.

While it's minus 18 degrees Celsius in Brockville the evening I type this, the City's residents have a great new development to look forward to by The RGB Group, another one of market2world's visionary green building clients. Late last year The RGB Group enjoyed an Ontario-wide first for the Province's first multi-unit residential development to meet the strict LEED Platinum Certification

There is a public meeting tomorrow where Brockville's residents can ask questions of The RGB Group's CEO Rolf Baumann. We think they'll meet one of the most enlightened green developers in Canada, if not North America. Attempting to build large-scale residential projects to the Canada Green Building Council's LEED Platinum standard is no small feat. But as Rolf likes to say (you can see him discussing LEED here on YouTube), if it's worth building it's worth building right. Green buildings are not only more energy efficient, they're built to last longer and provide healthier environments for residents. It simply makes long-term sense. 

Add your "Like" to Upper Canada Condos' logo contest on Facebook!Rolf asked us to create the Upper Canada Condos Web site as well as help publicize the project as it goes through Brockville's planning process. To make this condominium project community-driven from square one, at Rolf's urging we also launched a Facebook page that allows people to choose the logo for the project. Our design team has placed five logos on Facebook, and Facebook users can add their "Like" to whichever logos they choose, and "the most Likes win!". 

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and product marketing agency for global innovators.)