By Nathan Rudyk

Ontario's fast-growing entertainment and creative cluster produces $15 billion in revenue and over 200,000 jobs, contributing $12.7 billion to the province's GDP. In addition, gaming and digital media graduates from Ontario colleges and universities have proven to be prized employees at companies like Pixar Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, Walt Disney and Microsoft.

This week market2world is again promoting Ontario's digital media success story with a public relations campaign at Game Developers Conference Europe 2010 in Cologne, Germany on behalf of the Ontario Technology Corridor, a tech industry oasis that includes the Greater Toronto area, Ottawa region, Waterloo region, city of London and the Niagara region.

In Europe, we're making the major point that Canada, with lots of help from Ontario, has this year overtaken the UK as the world's number three (with a bullet!) gaming centre in the world, trailing only the USA and Japan. In North America as well as abroad, we're pointing our PR jets at $130 million worth of made-in-Ontario gaming infrastucture that includes:

Via the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), Ontario also offers gaming companies the following targeted tax incentives:

  • Ontario Intellectual Property Development Fund - refunds 30 per cent of eligible early stage development costs to bring screen-based content properties closer to production;
  • Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit - refunds 35-40 per cent of production costs;
  • Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit - 20 per cent of labor costs;
  • OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund -- up to $150,000 in project production funding.

Ontario's gaming value proposition is proving irresistable to digital media and entertainment companies around the world. New and expanded studios by Ubisoft in Toronto, Google in Waterloo, and Fuel Industries in Ottawa over the last year are big-company examples. In their wake are a slew of smaller entrepreneurial outfits that are actively checking out or making the move to Ontario for all the right reasons.

To learn more, please get in touch with our friends at the Ontario Technology Corridor. They'll help you get your game on in the world's most game-friendly location.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and product marketing agency for global innovators.)