By Nathan Rudyk

I love it whenever entrepreneurs build technology that gives other entrepreneurs a way to run circles around much larger enterprises.

AmazingMail, a new market2world client, has packaged technology into a new AmazingCampaigns online service that combines direct mail and digital marketing in a platform that within 24 hours can execute an automated, multi-channel (Web/mobile/print/email) marketing campaign that delivers personalized (versus "spray and pray") offers to as few as one, or as many as a million-plus prospects.

It gets better. If you want to "juice" your prospect list, AmazingCampaigns features include the ability to produce statistically modeled, ranked, and scored lists that respond up to eight times better than a standard list. This technology – known in the direct marketing game as "predictive analytics" – is commonly used by large enterprise marketers and came from CopperKey Technologies. To see how predictive analytics works for small business, read this 2007 article by Jessica Sebor in DestinationCRM.

AmazingMail's direct marketing CEO Chris Lynde and Marketing VP Peter Vanderlee worked together at CopperKey before joining AmazingMail earlier this year. Peter and I also go back to our agency days in Toronto in the early 90s where we serviced accounts including Dell, EDS, IBM, Microsoft and Xerox. We have continued to find many ways to collaborate as we share our lifelong passion for building technology-based businesses.

Chris and Peter have assembled an aggressive team to build AmazingMail from its current revenue base of $15 million a year, and I look forward to spending time with them next week at their Phoenix-AZ headquarters to get their business blogging efforts underway in support of their PR campaign.

Watch for AmazingMail's AmazingCampaigns service as we ramp up to a major launch at the the Direct Marketing Association's DMA09 in October. The DMA09 conference is the largest gathering of direct marketing professionals in the world and those professionals should prepare to be amazed!

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)