By Nathan Rudyk

I blogged about Oracle's US$7.4 billion acquisition of Sun being a portent of sunnier days in tech, and that industry veterans including John Dvorak smell a bottom in tech markets. Now, another rumbling from the Apple ecosystem.

As I pointed out the NASDAQ's holding its own so far this year while the DOW's down about 10%. Yet 90% of respondents in “the Apple market ecosystem” polled in a MacTech Magazine survey believe 2009 will be “almost as good as or better than 2008″, and 62.8% reported feeling good or great when asked about the Apple/Mac segment.

“The MacTech team decided to survey those in the market after seeing two significant trends starkly contrasting the general U.S. economic news,” said Neil Ticktin, MacTech's Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. “It’s been easy to get wrapped up in the bad news ... but the reality is that for the Mac and Apple markets, things are strong and expected to get stronger.”

And while many mainstream media outlets across North America are under stress, MacTech’s advertising results offer a contrarian 13% increase in ad revenues 1Q09 over 1Q08.

market2world's Mac market experience matches up with MacTech's. On March 31st we worked PR on the product launch of Marketcircle Inc.'s Daylite Touch, a breakthrough iPhone/iPod Touch business productivity management application that puts an entire business in the pockets of Mac-based entrepreneurs for a fraction of the price, and a fraction of the UI hassle, of similar "enterprise" business productivity apps for the BlackBerry and other PC-biased devices. IMHO (and yes, I not only drink but help mix the Marketcircle PR Kool-Aid) Daylite Touch smashes into tiny WIFI/3G-enabled bits any reason for a Mac-based business to ever consider a BlackBerry, and gives iPhone-lusting BlackBerry users the switcher-justification they need to join the cool kids on the smartphone block.

The early sales results for Daylite Touch further tell the story that not everything goes down in a down economy. In his April 2nd blog post, two days after we launched Daylite Touch, Marketcircle's CEO Alykhan Jetha declared that "Even with sample data in Daylite Touch and a 30 day trial, we’ve broken daily unit sales records in the past couple of days."

For more proof, have a look at this year-to-date chart of the Dow, Nasdaq, Apple and Oracle. Dow, down 10%-plus. Nasdaq, holding its own. Oracle, up about 7%. Apple, up 30%-plus.

Take THAT, Mr. Downturn. Mark my words, more innovations from the likes of Marketcircle and the newly Sun-drenched Oracle are going to lead the global economy up.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)