By Jill McCubbin

One of our recent projects involves building a global team blog and go-forward marketing strategy for an international organization of trade credit insurers – the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA).

Working with market2world, ICBA recently launched This site is an online, members-only marketing portal which hosts the organization’s overview video and quarterly newsletter archive among other new marketing tools, and also offers Trade Credit Insurance Insights – the International Credit Brokers Alliance blog.

A week before the first ICBA blog post went up on January 4, 2009, a global team of three ICBA brokers – two executives from Millennium Credit Risk Management (ICBA Canada) and another from International Risk Consultants (IRC) (ICBA U.S.A.) – met with market2world CEO Nathan Rudyk to participate in a Skype-enabled, online Webinar to review blogging best practices, establish a target audience for the team blog and research newsworthy topics for the initial posts. The ICBA blogging team was set on fire! The result: eleven blog posts in the first two months of the blog – all offering insightful opinions about the state of the global economy and the trade credit insurance industry. Additional posts include excerpts from the new ICBA Advantage newsletter, giving that content a new online audience.

This slide is from a marketing strategy presentation delivered earlier this month to ICBA’s steering committee.

The Google Analytics pie chart below shows most Web traffic to is coming from ICBA bloggers’ home countries (ICBA bloggers reap what they sow!), but visitors from more than 26 countries are taking advantage of the blog content as well. To that end ICBA (with market2world’s help) is currently requesting and encouraging more international contributors to the blog.

A market2world-led thought-leadership PR campaign aimed at financial media is the next logical marketing move for ICBA. Reporters and bloggers discussing the economic cycle and current credit crisis need new insights, information and experts to interview. The ICBA international team is now in position!

Stay tuned for news about ICBA, but get in touch with market2world now if you think your company would benefit from starting a team blog, building an online marketing resource centre, or creating a thought leadership PR campaign that builds on your blogging efforts.

(Jill McCubbin is a conversation architect with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)