by Jill McCubbin

To be honest, when I read technology blogs like the Wall Street Journal’s Business Tech blog and Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer, I believe everyone in any technology-related industry is reading technology blogs! Yet perhaps you need more information on the "everyone" and about what "everyone" is looking for.

A TechWeb Research document, released in May 2008, entitled The Rise of B2B Applications-Based Media, (and quoted in blogs such as Big Hat Marketing) tells the story. TechWeb is the IT professional's online resource network for Information Technology News.

•    78% of TechWeb Network visitors read technology blogs — an average of 7 different blogs weekly — to get information for their jobs
•    Usage of blogs among IT and Corporate decision makers has increased 27% in the last year
•    Executive IT Management (63%), IT Management and Staff (65%), and Corporate Management (64%) are all equally likely to use blogs for information to help them do their job
•    54% of blog users went to a vendor site for more info about product or service after reading a blog post

United Business Media's newsletter also discusses TechWeb's findings on blog readers and also highlights social media usage by active business technology decision makers. The newsletter mentions:

•    43% of TechWeb visitors consider video content important to stay up to date on technology information
•    43% are also connecting on a weekly basis with peers on social networks (17% network daily)
•    55% of all mobile browsing is for business

Technology buyers, industry thought-leaders and decision makers are all reading blogs and all searching for specific information. Noteworthy are video blogs. The TechWeb document cites the following as the 10 most searched terms in the TechWeb network:

•    Virtualization
•    Outsourcing
•    Web 2.0
•    Business Intelligence
•    RFID
•    CRM
•    Wireless
•    Desktop Virtualization
•    Cloud Computing
•    DNS

What do you learn from stats like these? There’s lots of food for thought here, but, first off, I suggest giving your blog and Web site a check-up. What I did after reading the TechWeb document: I checked, using market2world's Google Analytics account, whether our market2world site and blog are catering to the keywords and terms being used to find us.

In the past six months, internet users (and blog readers!) used the following keyword terms (our top 15) to click into the marketing messaging at the market2world Web site and blog:

•    market2world
•    facebook for adults
•    what is a brand
•    questions for executives
•    market2world communications
•    interview questions for executives
•    OCRI radio press release moore
•    Nathan Rudyk
•    tech public relations
•    what is a brand?
•    OCRIradio cleantech podcast
•    tech pr Canada
•    market2world marketcircle awards
•    pitching Techcrunch

After my check-up, I'm confident that searchers using these keywords are rewarded when they come to the market2world blog, but I also note that we as an agency can beef up our content on a few other tech keyword queries. To try for yourself, search on these terms and see what you learn. Also, do a search using keywords that should lead technology buyers and IT folks to your company’s blog.

•    Are productive and accurate keywords bringing visitors to your site?
•    Does your blog answer the queries implied by these search words?
•    And, if you want to be extra-sensitive to the “everyman” (the technology blog reader), is your blog pulling those users who are searching the TechWeb top 10 terms?

If you think your blogging effort and Web site need a tune-up, market2world professionals can help you target the audience you need. Give us a call.

(Jill McCubbin is a conversation architect with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)