By Steve Reside

For the past 6 months market2world communications has had the privilege of working on a podcast for the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) with Mark Kuiack — the CBA’s Web Producer. Our association with Mark and the CBA has reinforced many of the basic principles of podcasting — but most particularly the importance of taking the time to clearly understand your podcast audience.

The CBA PracticeLink podcasts are designed with “the busy practicing lawyer in mind” — and with this mantra Mark has created a podcast series in high demand amongst Canadian lawyers.

Mark knows that lawyers are pressed for time and rarely makes his podcasts more than 10 minute in length. The podcast scripts are well organized, clearly written, focused on a single topic or theme, and leverage industry experts or tasks groups — all of which give the podcasts the authority lawyers demand.  

The CBA PracticeLink podcasts are offered in a variety of formats (FLASH, .mov, mp3 and even PDF format) for maximum accessibility. Whether in the office, driving the car or at the cottage, lawyers can access the content quickly and easily, with no barriers.

Lastly, Mark offers the podcast with and without visuals — appealing to all types of learning styles.

The CBA PracticeLink podcast teach us that if you focus clearly on your audience at all stages of podcast creation — writing, recording, production, and distribution — you will be sure to deliver something of value to them that will keep them coming back for more.

(Steve Reside is Vice President and Creative Director with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)