By Steve Reside

As a CEO or marketing VP, you’ve likely read enviously about viral videos campaigns that generate huge on-line buzz and increase sales. Burger King was off the mark early with its 2004 Subservient Chicken campaign. More recently, Cadbury’s Gorilla advert generated millions of views on YouTube and other on-line video destinations.

While the success of these and other campaigns has motivated many companies to enter the viral video ring, others seem intimidated. Many companies shy away from using any kind of video to promote their products or services — fearing large budgets and low return.

While a viral video campaign is not out of the question for any company, there are more humble uses of video that promise great return if executed properly.

Video more powerful that text
A major research study conducted by the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) uncovered the following compelling reasons for making video a part of your marketing mix:
  • Prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used
  • There is 51% greater understanding of a subject or product through video
  • Video increases retention of the message by 50 percent over printed material
  • Video decreases the time it takes a viewer to reach a buying decision by 70 percent
A well-structured, quality video production can achieve many things for an organization — from introducing viewers to products and services to helping recruit talent in an increasingly competitive employment market.

market2world communications recently completed a video project for MapleWorks Technology — an on-shore software development company based out of Gatineau, Quebec, in Canada’s National Capital Region. You can view the videos here.

The project's goal was to help attract new employees by visually and verbally expressing the benefits of pursuing a career at MapleWorks — selling both the company and the area it operates in.


The videos were launched only recently, but already the feedback is excellent. Prospects are pleased to quickly and clearly get a sense of the MapleWorks opportunity — from the types of projects and technologies used at MapleWorks to the cultural and physical environment of the company.

If you have been considering introducing video as part of your marketing mix, stop hesitating. The benefits are obvious and with today's creation and delivery technologies, the barriers few.

(Steve Reside is Vice President and Creative Director with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)