By Jennifer James

Popular blogger Jason Calacanis has pulled the plug on his blog, opting to send out email newsletters instead of posting blogs. In his first newsletter he asks ‘Is blogging dead?’ and responds to his own question with a ‘Yes, it is. Officially’. But is it? I’m not convinced.

Why does he think blogging is dead? He points to lack of quality. In his first newsletter he discusses how he thinks bloggers are now putting more effort into getting their blogs read than they are in writing quality content. Read the full newsletter here.

While he does make some fair statements, blogging isn’t dead. Far from it. Last time I checked (today) Technorati is still going strong!

For many businesses – both big and small – blogging is still an incredibly powerful tool. A well-written blog with relevant content helps people:

• Find your business
• Learn more about your business
• Contact you

Combine blogging with a targeted PR campaign and you’re set for Google gold. In a blog post my colleague Steve Reside says:

“By carefully co-coordinating your company and product messaging and employing strategic blogging within your marketing mix, you can focus limited marketing resources for a much greater impact — even taking aim at new or mature market verticals where you’ve never had a presence.”

We did just that with dominKnow, a market2world client. After a few blog posts, in combination with a targeted PR campaign, dominKnow found itself on the first search page of Google. Not bad, eh?

Blogging – just like Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed – is about delivering content. If you provide quality content, people will come. The blogosphere is far from dead and is eagerly awaiting great content – content from you!

Do you think its time that your company started a blog? Contact market2world!

(Jennifer James is a Communications Strategist with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)