By Jill McCubbin

A brand is more than a company logo. Branding informs corporate positioning and identity within any marketplace. And a branding strategy should include established standards for typography and graphic quality in both print and online applications. As reported in Get to the Point’s customer behavior e-newsletter: the “typeface you choose for your ads can affect a consumer's experience and behavior.” It’s all part of the brand.dominKnow_before.gif

Blogger and analyst at Aite Group and experienced marketer, Ron Shelvin, wrote a short and illuminating post discussing branding and ROI. Ron compares the value in branding to an investment in quality infrastructure – something todominknow%20current build upon – he also makes the following points. Brand doesn’t close the sale, “which means you cannot calculate the ROI of brand,” yet CMOs need to “treat their investments in brand as infrastructure, and demonstrate how those investments enable the sales and marketing capabilities their firms develop.”

Branding is a strategic activity used in marketing and business development and needs all employees and executives’ participation. A brand must be pervasive and consistent to build value and, as reported by leadership writer and speaker, Wally Bock, and the Profit Impact of Marketing Strategies study, “perceived value in the target market is the single greatest determinant of profitability.”filecatalyst%20old%20logo

market2world helps companies with branding strategies as part of our product launch and PR portfolio of services. The logos and taglines we created for both dominKnow Learning Systems, an e-learning andfilecatalyst%20current%20logo LCMS software provider helping organizations solve training challenges online, and FileCatalyst, a solution from Unlimi-Tech that accelerates file transfers, are two recent examples. The before (first) and after (second) samples of each company's word mark and tagline accompany this blog.

If you’re building your brand, market2world can help.

(Jill McCubbin is a Communications Architect with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's Web 2.0 tech PR and product launch agency.)