By Jill McCubbin

So you’ve taken the simple advice from my earlier post – “you gotta blog to be blogged about” but you’re still bogged – make that blogged – down. So here’s another quick suggestion to kick start your blogging effort: Don’t start with writing blogs, start by reading them. Use Google blog search or Technorati and read blogs that suit your interests and industry.

Todd Defren of PR Squared writes a very informative and entertaining post about just this topic in his Open Letter to CEO Bloggers. Todd says, CEOs can’t “tame” the blogosphere, and they can’t exploit it either. He writes, “You truly want to engage?  Cool.  Start by NOT blogging.” Todd suggests a would-be blogger get to know blogging thought-leaders in the industry and submit comments and opinions to their blogs. Then and only then - once the newbie-blogging CEO (or other business team member) is comfortable with the “crowd” and the conversation – start blogging.

Before I began my market2world blogging effort, I read informed and entertaining PR and tech blogs and then bookmarked them so I wouldn’t “lose” them later. Blogs such as PRSquared, MacRumors and Corporate Knights Forum are some of my favourites. I then joined the RSS feed for the blogs I wanted to read on a regular basis. At first I rarely made comments, and still I am reserved, but I do comment when I’m confident my ideas contribute to the conversation.

I started my market2world blog posts by writing about subjects I was most informed about. I blogged public relations and engaging bloggers in January 2007 and in February 2007 blogged about my town’s chamber of commerce and its approach to community building, online business networking and the Vox blog platform. Fast-forward to 2008… I’m still blogging about blogging and PR – and I’ve read and learned a lot over the interim.
For further just-get-going reasons for the beginner blogger, I suggest reading some of our market2world team blogs: Start with “the business benefits of blogging” and read “the risky but necessary business of blogging” to learn how blogs sway public and consumer opinion. Learn how a blog can “create a new vertical market presence in 30 days or less”. Also… if you need pratice posting comments to a tech PR and product launch business blog, try this one!

(Jill McCubbin is a Communications Architect with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's Web 2.0 tech PR and product launch agency.)