By Jennifer James

squidoo.pngAdd a cup of blog, stir in your knowledge and expertise and sprinkle with a slick-looking website. Let bake for 10 minutes and you have Squidoo – a social networking platform that brings the power of recommendation to search. I think of it as the Facebook for adults.
Squidoo (pronounced SKWID-OO), created by permission marketing guru and author Seth Godin, is a user-generated catalog of authoritative information, products and services and is an ideal platform for marketing in the Web 2.0 environment. Squidoo encourages users to set up a page – which in Squidoo-land a page is called a lens – to share information with the web community. There are lenses for hot-topic issues, opinions, individual bios and businesses. There are lenses for just about anything!

What makes Squidoo unique from other social media sites is that it encourages businesses to use the site to market products and services. Squidoo is a for-profit site and the more users it attracts the closer Squidoo is to reaching its full potential. The only rule is that companies must put up useful and interesting content on their lens, not just ads. Easy.

Why use Squidoo? First, it is a popular site. Fish where the fish are. Squidoo traffic has grown by about 40 percent each month since spring 2007. Second, it is another place that search engines, such as Google, can find links back to your company website or blog. Third, why not!

Squidoo is free, easy to use, provides high traffic and quality back links and is very google-friendly. In fact, Squidoo is one of Google’s most loved websites, producing high page rankings. Additionally, Google adsense ads are inserted automatically in your lens and you – or a charity of your choice – receive a generous portion of the funds generated from Squidoo. Squidoo also allows for companies to get listed on other popular social boomarking sites like Digg and

As Squidioo and other social media sites like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook become the choice social networking sites for adults (if they aren’t already!) businesses and companies must be prepared for not only the huge exposure opportunities they present but they must also be ready for the fundamental shift in marketing that social media sites will bring. Are you ready? Let market2world help. Contact us today. You can also check out the market2world lens on Squidoo!

(Jennifer James is a Communications Strategist with market2world communications inc., Canada's Web 2.0 tech PR and product launch agency.)