To thank our community of clients, suppliers and friends in the innovation economy, we've gathered the top 20 blog posts from the 2008 archives of The New Way Things Are. As you anticipate the challenges of 2009, we hope you can cruise and click on a few choice business insights from these posts.

From the emerging cleantech sector to the spectacular opportunities in India and China to many provocative ideas on making your PR and marketing more effective, we offer this low-cal, high-fiber food for thought to you over the holiday season!

With our best wishes to you over the holidays,

the market2world team

The top 20 posts from The New Way Things Are

  1. Note to grey-beards – you can sell your technology to India and China right now
  2. Successful promotion, PR and product launch does NOT equal exaggeration, over-hype and suspicious spin
  3. Fill your earbuds at the cottage with Geoffrey Moore, Mike Manson, John Chambers and David Wolfe from the "best of show" podcast
  4. Kicking our asses or playing our strings? - Valiquet and Waitman sound off for change in high tech Ottawa 
  5. Move over I.T. – Geoffrey Moore says cleantech offers technology entrepreneurs “the largest market in the history of the planet”
  6. Lessons learned from Barbra Streisand and the power of Internet communities
  7. market2world launches PR program for tech Ottawa with Web 2.0 site called
  8. Podcasting wisdom from a radio veteran — five things you need to know when producing your next podcast
  9. Social networks and government: banning Facebook = exacerbating the talent shortage
  10. Note to CFOs: marketing champions maintain promotion to build profitability
  11. Broaden your company’s business networking and PR efforts to build new business in tougher times
  12. Facebook is not just for virtual sheep throwing – it is a legitimate marketing tool
  13. Reap the benefits of PR planning for technology tradeshows – a Macworld 09 example
  14. Another open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper – the innovation economy needs you
  15. How did Alec Saunders blog his way to the top of Google?
  16. Effective business blogging easier said then done – still, just do it – even if it takes free botox and martinis
  17. Technology blogs – user stats, facts and more stats
  18. Grab people by the eyeballs with a great headline
  19. The Seth Godin roadmap to increased sales as experienced by eDev and executed by market2world
  20. PR tips from the professionals: how to get (and keep) the attention of the media

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