By Jill McCubbin

market2world provides our clients with a blogging best practices document before they start posting. A key message from this document:

“Good bloggers are honest, enthusiastic and engaging. They get to the point and initiate conversations within the marketplace. … Effective blogs posts are not novels or even essays, although a longer blog might include an extended quote from an industry insider, for example.”

I admit I have trouble keeping my average word-count down. My last post, Broaden your company’s business networking and PR efforts to build new business in tougher times, clocked in at 785 words! (And market2world CEO Nathan Rudyk suggested I take out 60 words before I put this blog post online.) I also try to keep the following blog-writing tips in mind, from ProBlogger’s archive:

  • Make your opinion known
  • Link like crazy
  • Write less
  • 250 words is enough
  • Make headlines snappy
  • Write with passion
  • Include bullet point lists
  • Edit your post
  • Make your posts easy to scan
  • Be consistent with your style
  • Litter the post with keywords

A last thing to note: The length of a blog post is not going to make or break the success of your blog. It’s the quality (and frequency) that keeps readers coming back. Kevin Muldoon at BloggingTips writes, “TechCrunch currently has a mind boggling 875,000 subscribers yet some posts have received less than 10 comments. Compare that to some blogs out there with only a few hundred subscribers but manage to get 20-50 comments in each post.”

So strive for “conversation building” and informative opinion at your blog, but be sensitive to the short attention span of blog readers – as I have tried to be in this post. (290 words).

(Jill McCubbin is a conversation architect with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency.)