By Jill McCubbin

This blog post will answer two questions:

1.    What is the number one business benefit of blogging and “joining the conversation”?
2.    How does a new company actually get involved?

The first question is easy to answer and is summed up best in The Economist article of December 2007, “The accidental innovator,” that profiles a unique individual and entrepreneur, Evan Williams, the creator of Blogger and Twitter. (Read Evan’s personal blog EvHead or his ObviousTM blog to learn more.) In my opinion, here’s the key sentence from The Economist article: “Genuinely new ideas are, well, accidentally stumbled upon rather than sought out.

This truth is what blogging is all about – entering the conversation and stumbling upon and contributing to the growth of new ideas.

The second question relates to a process and therefore can’t be answered as quickly, yet based on my online conversations with bloggers and the research I do during my everyday public relations and promotion outreach here at market2world communications, I’ve learned the following:

Bloggers are more apt to blog about a business or product if the client can reciprocate – keep the blog conversation going.

So my advice is quite simple: you gotta blog to be blogged about. Contributing meaningful comments to an original blog post and/or refering back to a blogger’s site and ideas in a post at your own Web or blog site builds conversation, which in turn builds those new ideas that can drive your business in exciting new directions.

CEOs and business teams can all benefit from stumbling upon new ideas – so can your marketing department folks, and the PR professionals they work with, if they can muster up the courage to stop talkin’ ’bout bloggin’ and get going!

(Jill McCubbin is a Communications Architect with market2world communications inc., Canada's Web 2.0 tech PR and product launch agency.)