By Nathan Rudyk

By carefully co-coordinating your company and product messaging and employing strategic blogging within your marketing mix, you can focus limited marketing resources for a much greater impact — even taking aim at new or mature market verticals where you’ve never had a presence.

elearning_image.jpgdominKnow inc., a Canadian e-learning product and services company, has had success developing training systems for the oil and gas industry. Despite this success, it had no visibility within that industry, making it difficult to leverage past achievements for future sales.

In preparation for GO EXPO 2007, an important oil and gas industry trade show, dominKnow worked with market2world communications to develop a “conversation strategy” to help gain more visibility and, ultimately, drive sales in the burgeoning oil and gas industry. The strategy focused on using both traditional and new marketing tools to create dialogue about dominKnow’s e-learning software and services with prospects, journalists and industry experts.

To get the conversation started, Chris Van Wingerden, dominKnow’s Vice President of Training Services, began a series of blogs on the labour shortage in the oil industry and how e-learning could help solve the problem. Within a week of Chris’s first blog entry, dominKnow was ranked at the very top of Google searches for many important keywords related to e-learning and the oil and gas industry.

In conjunction with Chris’s blog entries, market2world executed a PR campaign with the same clear messaging on e-learning and the oil and gas industry — which resulted in major hits including a television spot on the Business News Network (BNN), a podcast interview on Everything Oil and Gas and several trade press hits in publications such as the Oil and Gas Magazine. These press hits further validate dominKnow as an important player in the field and increase its industry and on-line visibility.

dominKnow’s conversation strategy didn’t end there however. market2world created Web site copy and online company collaterals to support the same vertical industry messages. Visitors coming to dominKnow’s Web site now see a company well versed in the training issues of the oil and gas sector and one poised to help meet their training needs.

In addition to Chris’s blog entries, the PR campaign, and the Web site copy, market2world developed Google AdWord campaigns for dominKnow — again focusing on key industry terminology and pain points. Anyone searching for information on training in the oil and gas sector now finds dominKnow and its e-learning solution on the front page of both natural and paid searches in Google.

Since GO EXPO, dominKnow has been featured in several other industry publications, including Oil and Gas Inquirer (PDF), Oil and Gas Network (PDF) and Upstream Technology (PDF) and is planning to continue its oil and gas conversations with their attendance at the upcoming Oil Sands Tradeshow in Edmonton, Alberta.

dominKnow’s coordinated conversation strategy leveraged both traditional and newer marketing tools to get the message out about its past success in the oil and gas industry, going from invisible to a well positioned e-learning leader in just a few short weeks. But visible and credible only mean something if the most important conversations of all are taking place — conversations with prospects ready to buy. dominKnow’s sales team is now reporting a number of new oil and gas leads in its pipeline.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., Ottawa, Canada's tech PR and product marketing agency, and founder of the tech business podcast.)