By Jill McCubbin

Engaging international bloggers to enter conversations about your company’s product adds to your bottom line. Here’s an example. Belgian designer and dynamic blogger, Veerle Pieters reviewed and highly recommended Billings 2.5, the latest small business productivity software from Toronto, Canada-based Marketcircle. With her blog post, Pieters inspired over 215 strangers to become “unique new visitors” to the Marketcircle Web site – on the first day her blog was published online!

That’s 215 new leads in less than one day. In addition, Technorati shows 1,331 individual blogs linked to Pieters’ blog in the last six months (Technorati authority: 1,331) and ranks her blog in the top 2000 of 86.8 million blogs (she’s 1,253nd). Technorati adjusts its blog rankings continuously, yet Pieters’ track-record shows that she is a major global influencer.

In 2007, most businesses have global competitors and customers, and evaluating a company’s success and potential soley by its penetration into the local marketplace is a thing of the past. With the increase of effective online marketing and selling strategies available, there are no longer any geographic limitations to competition.

With this in mind, a company’s PR and blogging outreach must stay in touch with international opinion-makers. David Wolf – CEO and President of Wolf Group Asia – blogs an ongoing series of commentaries about technology, media and China at his Silicon Hutong blog. In his China Tech News column, Wolf emphasized how valuable it is for PR people to identify specific key blogs within their client’s marketplace – their global marketplace – despite the challenges of including overseas blogs in corporate blogging campaigns.

Marketcircle has entered into global online conversations with bloggers full-force and, with the help of market2world, benefits from international feedback – and not only in Belgium!

The German technology blog (Technorati authority: 135) ran an exclusive interview with Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha, and both IBM Software Group consultant, Andy Piper, in his UK blog (Technorati authority: 108), and David Wolf (Technorati authority: 23), have praised Marketcircle software and are helping to drive new international business to Toronto as a result of smart business blogging.

(Jill McCubbin is a Conversation Architect with market2world communications inc., Canada's Web 2.0 tech product launch and public relations agency.)