By Jennifer Noxon

In an article that presents the findings of a study by USA Today and Claritas a marketing research firm, on the analysis of consumers’ buying habits, Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, breaks personal technology consumers into five categories:

- The enthusiast

- The visionary

- The pragmatist

- The conservative

- The laggard

When it comes to rallying the Web 2.0 masses in your organization to those shiny new wikis and blogs, IBM’s Luis Suarez suggests looking to the enthusiasts and visionaries. He believes they play an important role in building a critical mass around early adopters and are integral to building excitement and encouragement in promoting community activity and new tools.

Dennis McDonald, Ph.D., names three critical factors in the implementation of an enterprise Web 2.0 architecture that supports innovation, process improvement, and the accomplishment of strategic objectives:

- Decide on an appropriate level of management and direction

- Emphasize learning by doing

- Accelerate the accomplishment of network effects

He also summarizes IBM’s Luis Suarez’s Five Key Steps Towards Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise

- Make the tools available behind the firewall

- Provide some initial education

- Promote their usage within the firewall

- Facilitate their adoption by non tech savvy folks

- Provide additional support

(Jennifer Noxon is a Communications Strategist with market2world communications inc. , Canada's Web 2.0 tech product launch and public relations agency.)