By Nathan Rudyk

barcamp_ottawa_homepage.jpgThe irrepressible Peter Childs is riding herd over BarCampOttawa4 on Sat. Nov. 17th. About 50 people are signed up already and there's a 120-person limit that usually gets tested, so if you're interested in tracking the progress and best practices in social media/social networking/geekdom in general, check it out. There's also still room for presenters.

Among notables signed up for presentations are Alec Saunders, VOIP demi-god and CEO of Facebook voice app-maker iotum, Luc Levesque, the founder of the recently acquired social media network TravelPod, and Ottawa tech PR brethren Joe Thornley and Francis Morin. I'll also be presenting a BR/PR case study on Mac business productivity developer Marketcircle and how we strapped them into the iPhone PR hype cycle in both the blogosphere and mainstream media. If you want to hear Alec and TravelPod's pre-acquisition CEO Martin Horne riffing on their social media successes, please check out this podcast we did with them last year.

A good warm-up for BarCampOttawa4 is our OCRIRadio John Chambers (Cisco's CEO) podcast. He's not just a proponent of Web 2.0/social media/social networking, he's betting his company on it, and his market cap, like Apple's, shows it's a damn fine bet to make.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., Canada's Web 2.0 tech PR and product launch agency, and the founder and co-host of