By Steve Reside

There is no doubting the business benefits of blogging. But despite the obvious benefits, it’s often a difficult challenge to get even a single person within your company to blog on a regular basis. Time pressures, writer’s block, and plain old fear often get in the way of regular, meaningful blog posts that advance your business objectives.

04.11.06.BloggersDilem-X.gifBefore we deal with the fear factors, let’s give you some incentives to get over them. In Business Edge Magazine, writer Ian Harvey recently interviewed market2world’s President and CEO Nathan Rudyk. Nathan offers three good reasons to blog — thought leadership to insert your company into global marketplace conversations, search engine optimization to make sure your company (or product) is visible when people are searching for solutions, and stronger internal alignment.

My colleague Jennifer Noxon also makes a great business case for blogging. In “To blog or not to blog? Business benefits say…just do it!”, Jennifer cites increased brand visibility, savings from customer insights, and increased sales efficiency as payback for those who blog successfully.

So there’s good reason to jump over the blogging obstacles. Getting a team of people to blog is a great way to harness blogging’s benefits. A blogging team, like a sports team, encourages each member along and achieves success together, with all the individuals on the team becoming smarter in the process.

At market2world communications, we’ve been blogging as a team since our inception. At weekly group meetings, we have a “blog pitch” session where each person comes prepared to discuss his or her next blogging topic. The pitches include the premise of the blog, collected evidence to support the premise, and reasoning as to why the blog is important to our business, our clients, or our prospects. Team members offer insights and suggestions for the blog to point each team member in the most productive direction.

Here’s one indication of the payoff – praise in the high tech business press.  In her “Blogscanning” column in the national capital SCAN, Jennifer Bruce had this to say about market2world’s blog:

“The content of market2world communications’ blog is strong, with six members writing on what they collectively do very well, namely finding ways to use Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS feeds to the uninitiated) to their clients’ best advantage …This blog is well thought out, looks great, and gives its readers insight on valuable tools to improve corporate websites everywhere ... what’s not to love about that?”

As a result of our blogging, we’ve had thought leadership profiles in publications such as the Globe and Mail, CTV News, national capital Scan, and Business Edge Magazine. Our Google search rankings for key word combinations in our business space have sky rocketed, and new prospects are calling or emailing us to help them with their PR and product launch needs as a direct result of reading our blogs.

If you are having trouble keeping up with blogging duties, and you want to build a smarter, more focused company, build an environment that supports and nurtures team blogging — your bottom line will thank you for it.

(Steve Reside is Vice President and Creative Director of market2world communications inc., Canada's tech PR and product launch agency.)