By Nathan Rudyk

whateverlife.jpgIn today's Ottawa Citizen I read a great story originating from the The Detroit Free Press about the fledgling entrepreneur running

First the business profile: According to reporter Katherine Yung, the site generated 2.4 million visitors in the last 30 days - more traffic than the multimedia empire that fuels It offers graphics and groovy HTML add-ons people can use to decorate their plain-looking myspace sites. Last year returned $1 million in revenue, (to clarify: the incredible shrinking U.S. kind of dollars) and its owner recently rejected a $5 million takeover offer.

Now the entrepreneur profile: A drop-out (like Bill Gates) from high school (versus Harvard), Ashley Qualls recently won her petition to be declared an adult so she could legally manage the affairs of her own company. She's 17. She started the business when she was 14.

Check out the story. It's interesting. And it turns out she's got some high-powered been-there-done-that help. The point is that if Ashley can make an impact like she has with the $8 loan from her mom to purchase her domain name and the computer she built on livingroom floor, you, with your business experience, your financial resources, and your passion to succeed, can likely do something great for your business too. You can. And if you need help, well we're here to lend our expertise. Get in touch!

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., Canada's tech PR and product launch agency.)