By Nathan Rudyk, a proud market2world production, is back for its third season as the original tech business podcast in Ottawa. One measure of our tech community's success is IPO activity. The TSX Group's Raymond King told me that Toronto exchanges will be seeing a half-dozen or more new Ottawa tech IPOs in the next six months. Y-E-S!

ocri_radio.jpgThese aren't your dot-com uncle's tech companies. These IPO candidates were fire-hardened over the last five to eight years through dedicated bootstrapping, a VC environment that witnessed the near-vapourization of labour-sponsored funds, and what is still - according to another interview on this month's podcast with Boston tech lawyer Stephen Hurwitz - a ridiculous regulatory situation for U.S. VCs trying to do business in Canada.

Behind this glorious crop of IPOs are a bunch of scrappy, super-smart and highly motivated tech companies that, according to the Ottawa Angel Alliance's Rainer Paduch, are going to bring traditional Ottawa telecom strengths to next-generation wireless and networking opportunities.

We largely missed out on the insta-company social networking phenomenon that gave rise to Facebook and YouTube, but our companies will definitely be in play to provide the bandwidth solutions people will need to keep in constant touch with each other in the user-generated content social media era.

Longtime listeners will notice we've scrapped our in-studio podcast format for a live recording approach. Hope you like it and don't mind a bit of background conference sound, because that's how we intend to roll out most of our podcasts this season. We've got an extraordinarily compact and pro-sounding podcast rig in place now (this tech has come a long way baby in three short years) and hope that by taking our show on the road we're going to deliver more and better content to our listeners from a wider variety of tech business experts and personalities.

On our September podcast alone we've got six interviews for you from Toronto, Boston as well as Ottawa tech folks. Next month we'll deliver three more innovator interviews from the floor of the Ottawa Technology and Venture Summit.

Stay tuned, enjoy, and let us know how we're doing!

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications Inc., Canada's tech PR and product launch agency.)