By Jill McCubbin

“Web 2.0 Media Disruption” simply implies finding or creating and then using new, innovative,  Web 2.0 media tools that boost PR results while breaking away from old, worn out media outreach strategies (PR 1.0).

So in this post, I introduce the bright and shiny Web 2.0 media tool: Technorati stats. If you haven’t met Technorati yet, this blog search engine tracks 175,000 new blogs EVERY DAY. It currently tracks 60 million blogs.

With this in mind, the paragraph below illustrates a new PR 2.0 equation:

Technorati + PR outreach to bloggers = PR 1.0 x 209

market2world distributed a press release on November 20, 2006, that targeted Mac-based businesses. We searched Technorati (and several other search engines) to find bloggers writing about the Mac business space. One blogger we contacted, Michael Murphey at AppleGazette, was interested in our story and posted a commentary on our client’s product.

Michael is one of the media disruptors from the blogosphere that Om Malik says is killing off the trade press.

Now here’s the PR 2.0 bit: Within two days, Technorati traced 209 other blogs linked to that original AppleGazette post! “209 blogs link here” translates into product review opportunities, purchases, Web of mouth marketing and so on – all the result of a single contact between market2world and Michael Murphey.

Thanks Mike!

(Jill McCubbbin is a Communications Strategist with market2world communications inc., Canada's Web 2.0 tech product launch and public relations agency.)