By Nathan Rudyk

More recent readers of The Trojan Mouse may not know that market2world is located just west of Ottawa in a fabulous waterfall town called Almonte. Almonte's chalk full of creative people (which is why we're here!) and home to a groovy little festival called Puppets Up!.

Philo Looks for a Job in Almonte.gif

To get in the spirit of the festival we agreed to become a corporate sponsor in exchange for a hand in creating a little buzz marketing campaign around some "puppetcasts" we're promoting to local media and uploading to video blogging sites like YouTube.

The premise of our three-part series of puppetcasts is that Philo, an unemployed puppet with a love of drink and a loathing of anything resembling real work, is going to try to convice one of three Almonte tech CEOs to give him a job. Click here to see the first puppetcast. (And don't forget to use YouTube's "Share Video" tool to send our puppetcast to your friends!)

Enjoy! And don't forget to join us the second weekend of August for Puppets Up!

(Nathan Rudyk is President of market2world communications inc., Canada's social media agency, founder of Ottawa's tech business podcast, and VP Community Relations of Government 2.0 Technology Think Tank)