In today's Ottawa Citizen techweekly section, Deputy Editor Peter Hum (who also happens to be a gifted jazz composer and pianist, Ottawa-Gatineau jazz fans should check out one of his gigs), wrote a feature article about an ambitious new association called Government 2.0 Technology Think Tank ("G2TT"), led by Department of National Defence Project Director Patrick Cormier.

The article makes reference to a June 6th blog entry I wrote on the G2TT site, which now re-appears here for readers of The Trojan Mouse. Those readers (that would be you) may also be interested to know I'm serving as VP of Community Relations on G2TT's founding executive team:

According to today's Google search statistics, here's where the Web 2.0 action is in the world, by city/region/language:

Note the Canadian rankings in the top 10:

City: Vancouver = 4 (behind Pleasanton, CA; Seoul, Korea; San Francisco, CA

Region: Canada = 8 (behind Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, US, and Israel)

Language: English = 2 (behind Korean)

A quick glance says the world's most entrepreneurially aggressive, high-growth regions are faster to respond to the Web 2.0 opportunity. D'oh!

Therefore, a country (say, Oh, Canada) that creates government policy to fast-track Web 2.0 technology and social media development (development of blogs/podcasts/wikis/RSS-based communications) at this early stage (note the Google chart on the Web 2.0 is flat until mid-2005, then goes parabolic) will create global strategic competitive advantage for its citizens.

Think about visionary Web 1.0 programs like Community Access, SchoolNet, Strategis, and how they've impacted daily life, speed-of-thought decision-making and global opportunities for Canada and Canadians. Time for another kick at the visionary can, je crois!

I say G2TT has an important role in energizing the Canadian government to the possibility of Web 2.0. How about you?

(Nathan Rudyk is President of market2world communications inc., Canada's social media agency, founder of Ottawa's tech business podcast, and VP Community Relations of Government 2.0 Technology Think Tank)