By Nathan Rudyk

Interesting sign-posts on the road to today’s Attack of the Blogs speech to the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Marketing Association:

Outside-in blogging is the way to go for CEOs versus behind-the-firewall blogs. The reason, according to Sun Microsystems employee Marion Vermazen is “… executives at Sun have as much impact inside the organization as they do outside the organization. Their willingness to be transparent and to be consistent both inside and outside the organization gives them credibility and helps align the employees ... I don't think internally focused blogs are nearly as effective. For one thing the frequency of posting is lower. Another thing I have noticed about internally directed blogs is that because the executive has so many other ways to communicate usually what they say is nothing new.”

Marion’s comments are in response to an entry on the boomerang effect of executive blogging by Danish communications consultant Jesper Bindslev.

Jonathan Schwartz, COO and President of Sun, clearly gets it, saying on his blog that “We've moved from the information age to the participation age, and trust is the currency of the participation age. Companies need to speak with one voice and be authentic. Blogging allows you to speak out authentically on your own behalf, and in the long run people will recognize that. Do it consistently and they trust you.”

(Nathan Rudyk is President of market2world communications inc. and co-host of