Welcome to The Trojan Mouse, a blog devoted to exploring Web 2.0 social media and ideas. We believe social media technologies offer the potential to transform one2many marketing communications into dynamic many2many marketing conversations. We know we're definitely not alone, but as marketers, we also know (as is our team's custom, and as often as not wearing togas) we're early to the party. That means we can have the most fun and make the most noise for our clients.

We first heard the term "Trojan Mouse" in October, 2005 at Chris Shipley's BlogOn conference in New York during an excellent talk by Chris's loquacious co-producer, Suw Charman. Suw's an inspiring booster for social media and can turn the 2.0 jargon of blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS feeds and vlogs into business-comprehensible language.

The "Trojan Mouse" refers to the ability of Web. 2.0 applications to scurry past the harried I.T. department directly into the hands of appreciative end-users. End-users are empowered like never before to create conversations with their customers without technical or marketing intermediaries. Suw spoke about the "bricking" taking place in the knowledge management/content management vendor community, a community that's looking more and more like roadkill in the xenon-lit glare of Web 2.0.

Loyal soldiers waving the white Web 1.0 marketing flag may legitimately sense anarchy emerging in this blog. They would be correct. Social media's ability to engage/interact/converse with customers -- and more important -- have customers converse among themselves within an archived, searchable, dynamic online environment tears down the walls most marketers think exist between the fortress of "organization message" and the "the marketplace".

The Trojan Mouse has a loyal foot soldier of its own: the opposable thumb. The culture of mobility is embracing Web 2.0 like a warm toga. More and more, social media is turning the desktop into just another hub with spokes to Blackberrys, iPods, and Smartphones: devices held in customer hands or hanging from their hips.

The drawbridge has been lowered. The Trojan Mouse is wheeling into the fortress. Let the marketing conversations begin.

(Blog entry by Nathan Rudyk. Nathan is President of market2world communications inc.)